Tuesday, November 13

The 4$ Product Which Cured My Kid’s Eczema

My 14-year-old daughter push the backs of her hands around my head to show me that the rash rash which was bothering her for months had begun to crack and bleed. Initially, I thought she’d dry skin out of the mixture of the cold weather out and the blasts of sterile radiator heating indoors. However, this was obviously something more than just a tiny seasonal annoyance. My kid’s skin–after so tender and totally smooth–was beginning to resemble the scales onto the amphibian guy in The Shape of Water.

Our initial efforts at soothing the itch were a tragedy: My husband gave her expensive “organic” hand lotion he swears at winter, but turned her deprived hands as red as a boiled lobster claw and had her grimacing with aching pain.

Following that, we headed over to some walk in clinic, in which the nurse-practitioner diagnosed my infant with psoriasis, an autoimmune skin disease which causes inflamed, red, itchy skin all around the human body, especially on the entire scalp, face, elbows, and hands. (It did not create the condition worse, as the other, annoying lashes had.)

Since I had not reached my allowance on prescriptions nevertheless, that cost me a whopping $129. It helped–but only a tiny bit.

A couple of days after, we moved out to dinner together with our friends Brad and Jaimie, that are both enrolled nurses. Simply use Vaseline. It works, I guarantee.”

Vaseline? You mean that the old jar of petroleum jelly that’s been sitting in my medicine chest because my children were in diapers? Hey, at the point I was prepared to test anything.

The following morning I looked in her hands, and they’d literally changed immediately. The tough, red irritated skin on her hands had return into its normal colour, although I might still feel the roughness of her skin when I ran my hands over it she was no longer plagued with itchiness. She continued to rub on the Vaseline on her hands a couple of times every day, and over a week, the psoriasis appeared to be entirely eliminated from her palms.

I have done a bit of research and discovered that Vaseline understands a 5 out of 5 rating in the National Eczema Association for comprising no known irritants to eczema, which eczema victims have been using it for ages.

But most importantly, it costs approximately $4 per jar ( on Amazon)–$125 less than the prescription cream which worked half too! –proving that sometimes the remedy that your grandma used is the very best of all.

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