Tuesday, November 13

The Only Body Lotion I Actually Want to Wear

I’m the only real beauty editor that does not like body cream. As long as I can recall, body lotion has not been part of my regular. I am not positive whether it was a private choice or something that my mum handed however I still hate the feeling of cream onto my body. Even after a fantastic massage, the very first thing I must do is clean off all of the slimy residue. In summertime it makes my wrists feel as though they’re perspiration and in the winter it sticks into my leggings–regardless of the season, cream leaves me uncomfortable.

I immediately doubted the goods claims of “zero deposit, zero stickiness.” I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times and it stays true. And I chose to give it a try–it’s my responsibility as a beauty editor in the end.

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I slathered on the creamy cream and, to my dismay, felt it sink directly in my skin with no slimy residue left behind. Is it? A cream which I do not mind employing?

I am not sure what the magic trick is that really does the trick but the formulation boasts lots of plant extracts such as cactus blossom, prickly pear, and yucca for prolonged moisture. Additionally, it utilizes light reflective particles therefore legs seem less paste-y and much more fit with a fresh, dewy shine. However, my next favourite part, shortly after not being tacky, is that the orange blossom neroli odor. It is a female, flowery fragrance but airy and light so it is not overpowering.

So thank you Glossier for Placing my ill-feelings towards fixing and lotion my paste-y leg blues.

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