Tuesday, November 13

The Ultra-Cozy Comforter I’m Counting on Throughout This Cold Weather

Over, but naturally it’s made a decision to venture out with a bang. Now, the East Coast was struck by a nor’easter, and it is bringing winding winds, rain, along with a wintry mix with it. Though we’d hoped the worst of winter has been supporting us March has a way of surprising us with a couple more cold and rainy times. Fortunately, it is not too late to get ready for the last bout of cold weather by creating our beds as cozy and warm as you can.

This winter, I found that the most necessary part of any hibernation-worthy mattress is your Buffy comforter. After being sent a sample of this duvet before this wintermonths, it took me a couple of weeks to muster the power to trek home on the metro with the colossal puffy bedding. Finally, however, the cloud-like topper made it on my mattress.

A fan of this double-duvet strategy, I attempted to bring the Buffy along with this thin IKEA duvet on my mattress. It was a chilly winter night, so I guessed the extra warmth could be appreciated. But at the middle of the night, I awakened to kick the IKEA duvet–that the Buffy clearly provided enough heat all by itself. And ever since that time, there has not been one night I’ve awakened chilly (or maybe vaguely cold).

Should you sleep hot, the Buffy might be a bit too extreme for you. It practically does its job also well. For people who reside in a apartment or dorm room where they can not control the temperature, this blanket can help save on nights when you want you can turn up the thermostat about ten levels.

What is the magic behind the ridiculously hot bedding? Additionally, they are grown at a zero-footprint, Oeko-tex accredited environment in Austria, so it is much gentler on the environment than a normal cotton or down feather comforter. Apparently, all the green invention does not compromise on heat–not even just a tiny bit.

Since the nor’easters, snow, and last cold days of winter anger on, you know where to find mesnuggled beneath this fortress of heat, waiting for spring to inform me it is safe to emerge.

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